Monday, November 21, 2011

Malibu Beach Art

On November 15, I went with my sculpture class, the CAS Art (Crossroads Advanced Studies) class, and the Studio Art III class to Malibu beach for two hours of beach art.

While the CAS Art and Studio Art classes got paper and boards from their teachers and were given free rein to sketch what they wanted, wherever on the beach, my sculpture class had come off the bus armed with sculptures we had made in class.

We had used wood, plastic, styrofoam cups and bowls, bamboo, wire, rope, hot glue, and jigsaws to create out sculptures. Here's mine:

Then we painted them with concoctions of acrylic we had mixed to look sand-colored. After, we spray painted them with these cool spray paints that ranged from salt-and-pepper to dark brown, that were textured. They felt like sand after they had dried.

Then we mixed the sand-colored paint we had made with glue, and dabbed that on the sculptures. Then, the teacher presented us with a huge bag of store-bought sand, and we threw handfuls of that on the gluey sculptures.

Now, at the beach. Our mission was to photograph the pieces in an environment (the beach) that it would blend in/ look natural in.

Result: (of my piece)

It was a really fun day, and I really encourage this project :)

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