Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ben Wilson

Ben Wilson takes street art to a whole 'nother level.

Ben Wilson (born 1963) is an English wood carver and outside artist. The son of an artist, Wilson grew up in a creative environment and attended art school. His distaste for industrial waste, cars and rubbish eventually turned into an art form. He creates tiny works of art by painting chewing gum stuck to the pavement. Initially, his work garnered him unwanted attention from the authorities, but because he is not defacing private property but merely painting rubbish, he was found to be breaking no law. In addition to the chewing gum art, Wilson paints and sculpts. He has exhibited his paintings and sculptures in England, the United States, Germany, Ireland, Finland and France.

This innovation in art is so creative, I believe. I even heard that he was commissioned to do a bubble-gum artwork that would contribute to the proposal of a man to his girlfriend.

To see a collection of Wilson's mini-paintings, click THIS

An article about Wilson and his methods for painting the gum, as well as accounts of his work by people in his community, and    why he does it, HERE

For some high quality close-ups of Wilson and his gum canvases, go HERE

I don't recommend trying that gum.

But I do recommend trying to find Wilson art !!!

A man so dedicated to his art, so dedicated to painting. And able to make use of ugly black splotches on the street. Makes people look twice  now, don't it?

Let's hope that Wilson has encouraged others to make the world prettier with a paint and brush.

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