Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I would like to than hour teacher, Peter, for a great year. I know we were a crazy class, but we really learned a lot, and outside of class, we talked about how much fun we had and how we looked forward to it. You are very patient with us and made the class worth it. THANK YOU.

Final Project

1. We chose sturdy objects (i chose hard plastic cups)
2. We made wooden bases using jigsaws, then attached our objects to the bases using drills and dowels
3. We covered the pieces with wire, a lot of wire, so there was no movement
4. Covered wire with strips of plaster-y gauze-y strips
5. Cover that layer with burlap dipped in a fresh batch of plaster
6. Use hardening plaster to build onto piece
7. When it's dry, use sandpaper to shape the piece
8. PAINT IT (the picture of it painted will go up when I finish painting it)


Vending Joy Exhibit

So, we ended up covering the Vending Joy model with plastic necklaces and feathers and such. This references jingle trucks, as well as lent.

And we put it in the art building, with bottles glued onto bottom and floral decorations. We also spent a class hanging a smaller sculpture (made from chicken-wire scraps and leftover beading) above the Vending Joy box.