Thursday, March 8, 2012

Research for Vending Joy

So, here is research for the Vending Joy project. The dollar coaster one is essential because it shows to to make a wall of pretzels, and shows me that curves are possible.
This gummy bear one is just cute. But it  illustrates the possibility of layering using the flirt gummies.

The Watermelon and butterfly ones are my favorites, and they shows carving possibilities. Although in this project, carving is not an option, I want to use this style in an incoming project.

This one is really cool, with the hot-glue coming off the wall. Now I want to use hot-glue as a major part of my project. I can use it to build things up. 

"Neglect", by Carlyle Micklus

This one has a lot to do with the above one, because this one is also hot-glue, but shows a more gentle and delicate side to the medium.

Hi-jack Tate Modern (detail of the glue sculpture) [2004]
glue, card, paint, plastic
40 x 30 x 20 cm

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